About Bailey Jay


Bailey Jay is a two-time AVN Award winning adult film star, co-host of The Jim Norton Show for Vice.com, published writer for XOJane.com, and a quickly rising transgender media darling. She is also honored with a spot on the 2014 Trans 100 List  While her career first started in the porn industry, this edgy funny-lady quickly showed everyone that she is much more than a great set of boobs. Bailey’s irreverent and self-deprecating humor is her superpower when it comes to disarming an uncertain audience. She will win you over and educate you all while cracking jokes about herself and her life as a trans woman. It’s no wonder she was immediately embraced by some of NYC’s biggest celebrity comedians like Jim Norton, Robert Kelly,  Neal Brennan, and Kurt Metzger. Bailey made her first television appearance on the panel of Sundance Channel’s newest  show, “The Approval Matrix” which dissects everything from politics to pop culture. It wasn’t long until everyone was smitten. Bailey made a huge impression with ISH Entertainment, New York Magazine, and was even quoted by The New York Times regarding the dangers facing sex workers and transgender women of color. Christine Mahin of ISH Entertainment said “She was 100% our favorite panelist. So smart, so insightful… LOVE her!” I think Bailey says it best, “They keep telling me I have the “it factor” like I don’t know they just called me an “it”.” 


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